What’s The Buzz?

When I hear the word Apostle, I cannot help singing Andrew Lloyd Weber’s lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar, “What’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening?”

The buzz at the Apostle Islands is that the fly in the ointment is back.

Arrival day was actually seamless! The drive from Baraboo to Bayfield Wisconsin was strangely pleasurable. There was minimal traffic and the highways were well maintained. No white-knuckles. Yay!

I managed to get some laundry done before heading into Bayfield. We managed a quick walk around town, but because we had Gypsy in tow, we were limited as to what we could do. We headed back to the campground and discovered that, right across the street, there was a brewery that featured live music. Because we believe in supporting local businesses, particularly pet friendly establishments, we stopped to have a beer and listen to some tunes. We are just filled with noble intentions like that…

DAY 2:

An insect, probably a spider, bit my ear. I have one ear that is twice the size of the other. It’s bright red and it itches like hell.

We have a vacuum flush toilet system in the RV. When you step on the peddle, the vacuum creates a huge WHOOSH, and voila, the bowl is emptied. I stepped on the peddle. No whoosh. No nothing. You can survive in an RV with minor mechanical issues. A non-flushing toilet is not one of them. We sought out the help of the youtube Gods, to no avail. We searched for mobile RV repair. We called the Service Department at our RV dealer. We were fairly certain that we were doomed. The RV manufacturer sent us a link to the toilet manufacturer’s product guide. I read the troubleshooting chapter and discovered that there is a fuse that governs the vacuum flush. Naturally, we did not have any extra 15 amp fuses, but we “borrowed” one from the tilting bed, and miraculously, after lots of angst, our latrine issues were solved.

So, my husband, my dog, and I (with the extra-large right ear) headed out in search of adventure and 15-amp fuses.

We found an absolutely amazing hike at Meyers Beach. I wish we could have ventured a bit further than we did, but we noticed that Gypsy’s leash was frayed and completely inadequate for a puppy who was more than willing to fling herself off the side of a cliff. To say that she was making us nervous is a bit of an understatement. We dragged her back to the trailhead safely and decided to find a dog-friendly lunch spot.

We found, in Cornucopia, WI, The Fat Radish, a Fido-Friendly, lunch spot with a live band and Lake Trout Tacos. It was a good place to decompress after spending the morning with a suicidal Labrador.

The evening was spent on a tour boat which cruised the Apostle Islands and gave us an overview of the geography and the history of the area. I am astonished by the resiliency of the people that can weather these cold climes. Fishing, quarrying brownstone and cutting lumber were profitable, and thus, brave souls settled here.

Day three was an absolutely wonderful diversion from the tourist traps. My dear friend and former coworker, Amy, and her husband Jim, purchased an acreage in nearby Port Wing, WI. They invited us to their unconventional homestead, and we immediately fell in love. The outbuildings were converted into a home that is a veritable, visionary arts museum. The outdoor space boasted multiple seating areas. The property had a magical, Zen-like quality that made it difficult to leave. I am so deeply grateful to have spent time with true, kindred spirits and to have had the opportunity to see firsthand, the fruits of their labor.

Day 4 included a ferry ride and a lunch stop at the Inn At Madeline Island. Not at all a bad way to wind down an incredible four-day stop on the journey.

Tomorrow, off to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, ya’ betcha, don’tcha know???

Stay tuned…..

One thought on “What’s The Buzz?

  1. Looks so fantastic!! Thanks for sharing…… hope your ear has healed!! xoxo, Maryrose


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