Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments

Author Joan Didion penned an award winning book entitled A Year of Magical Thinking that deals with grief, mourning, and attempts to avert abhorrent circumstances through hopeful thinking. My upcoming year is not as distressing and certainly not comparable to Ms. Didion’s year of heartbreak. Yet, I do intend to utilize her idea of magicalContinue reading “Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments”

Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel

With a contract in hand, we are finally moving forward with concrete plans to have a new home built. Site planning, lot clearing, well digging and construction are projected to take a year. A year? We’ve already been living like wayward wanderers for six months. What’s another year? Another year is an additional 365 days,Continue reading “Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel”

Ya’ Bums Ya’… Birds, Bucs and More Birds

As I child I could barely wait to pick up the morning newspaper to check the MLB standings and box scores. The Sunday paper had complete statistics. I committed the ERAs, batting averages and slugging percentages of the Pittsburgh Pirates to memory. My mom and her entire family were huge fans of the Bucco’s. SheContinue reading “Ya’ Bums Ya’… Birds, Bucs and More Birds”

Barbarism and Billy Beer

“Once inside… men exclaimed: ‘Is this hell?’ Verily, the great masses of gaunt, unnatural-looking beings, soot-begrimed, and clad in filthy tatters, that we saw stalking about inside this pen looked, indeed, as if they might belong to a world of lost spirits.” W.b. smith, 14th illinois infantry, oct. 9, 1864 A drive through the SouthContinue reading “Barbarism and Billy Beer”