Healing, Hope and Who Wants a Jellyfish Sandwich?

When we last touched base, our long-suffering, long-term camper (me) was in the throes of despair over wintery weather, ill health, and ceaseless setbacks with the home building plan. I was not in a good place… In Return of the King, J.R.R. Tolkien states, “Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.” He’s right. IContinue reading “Healing, Hope and Who Wants a Jellyfish Sandwich?”

Georgia is Just Peachy!

I’ve spent the best part of the past few years discovering America. We’ve seen many extraordinary places and have made an art of exploring our own backyard. Each area of our vast country has bragging rights. This is an impressive land we live in. Maybe it’s because we have had absolutely stellar weather for mostContinue reading “Georgia is Just Peachy!”

Tricky trails, and TV troubles…

Whoa! What is this about TVs? We are out in nature, planting ourselves at various magnificent campsites along the Gulf of Mexico. Where do televisions come into play? To set the record straight, we are not really camping. We are living in a truck. We do not have campfires while singing Kumbaya and eating smoresContinue reading “Tricky trails, and TV troubles…”

Fog, Forts, Florabama & Fossil Fuels

It’s not always sunny on the sunny Gulf Coast. In fact, we have had dense fog, frigid nights, and more than our fair share of gusty wind. Breezy is a gross understatement. We’ve had the “hang on to your hats” stuff but it is tolerable when the temperatures climb into the 60’s. It’s not allContinue reading “Fog, Forts, Florabama & Fossil Fuels”

More Delays and Winter Days…

The wisdom is that a watched kettle never boils. That being the case, I almost wish that we were not getting weekly updates from our builder. It’s kind of like peeking into that slow-simmering kettle. With each week, there is a new delay. There is apparently a shortage of concrete, and winter weather has becomeContinue reading “More Delays and Winter Days…”

A Plumbing Fix, The “Sticks”, and a Motel 6

Let’s see. Where were we? Oh, that’s right, our water filter was erupting like Mount Saint Helen’s and we did not have the proper hardware to fix the problem. On the bright side, it’s easy to get 10,000 steps registered to your Fitbit when you have to use the bathhouse for all of your dailyContinue reading “A Plumbing Fix, The “Sticks”, and a Motel 6″

Bye to the ‘Burgh. Aloha Alabama. The Saga Continues… Volume II

It’s always bittersweet to say farewell to the holiday season. The cookies are eaten, the ornaments are carefully put away until next year, and the sparkling, colorful lights fade into the long winter ahead. Yet, the new year brings new beginnings, new adventures, and new milestones to achieve. We had such an outstanding respite inContinue reading “Bye to the ‘Burgh. Aloha Alabama. The Saga Continues… Volume II”