Grasping at Gratitude

November is supposed to be all about Thanksgiving, and being filled with appreciation, and counting your blessings. Looks like this pilgrim missed the Mayflower. I have not exactly been brimming with gratitude. I miss my house. I dislike cold weather. Most notably, however, I am totally fed up with RV warranty repairs, dealerships, and motorhomeContinue reading “Grasping at Gratitude”

Amish Buggies and Lifetime Buddies

We had not planned on taking a short, camping trip to Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. I am from that area, so we get there fairly often for various events with friends and family. As a result, it is not often an area that we seek out for an RVing adventure. However, my husband was made awareContinue reading “Amish Buggies and Lifetime Buddies”

From Hikers to Hackers: Something for everyone at Jekyll Island.

Savannah is amazing with the town squares and the hanging moss and the French Colonial houses. It’s brutally romantic. ~ David Morrissey When we departed Tybee Island, we did not expect to drive the motorhome through old, downtown, Savannah. These historic towns have streets that were designed for horse-drawn carriages, not behemoth busses. We shouldContinue reading “From Hikers to Hackers: Something for everyone at Jekyll Island.”

After the Flood, a Rainbow…

We managed to get the RV dried out after the Gypsy-induced flood. Water had cascaded over the cook top for an indefinite amount of time, so winding up with only one inoperable propane burner was a blessing. Everything else was soggy but salvageable. The ‘rainbow’ is a euphemism for of our relaxing stay on TybeeContinue reading “After the Flood, a Rainbow…”

Verizon, Veterinarians & a VERY Naughty Puppy

Just as we were leaving North Carolina, I dropped my iPhone on a rock, at just the perfect angle that it shattered the glass. I have had that iPhone 6S for a frightfully long time, and had an unhealthy attachment to the frayed, Blue Otter Box and the oversized screen. It had totally inadequate storage,Continue reading “Verizon, Veterinarians & a VERY Naughty Puppy”

Tunnels, Trails, (Edward) Teach and Terrible Table Service

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is a bridge-tunnel combination that is nearly 18 miles long and takes you from Virginia’s Eastern Shore to Virginia Beach, VA. I’m not a huge fan of navigating Big Bertha through ‘challenging’ segments of highway but I was determined to conquer the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. At first, driving throughContinue reading “Tunnels, Trails, (Edward) Teach and Terrible Table Service”