Detour in ‘de tour’

“This is turning into an alcohol-will-cure-everything kind of day.”

― Kelly Moran, Bewitched

We were all set to head to Iowa when we discovered that our ‘slide’ would not retract. You cannot drive down the road with an extended slide. It would certainly be bad for the motorhome and you would need one of those escort vehicles with flashing lights and a sign reading WIDE LOAD. We were dismayed but after our emergency vet visit, this seemed more than like a hiccup than a crisis. We pondered our options and settled on trying to find a mobile RV repair technician. Fortunately, a nice lady in the campground had a recommendation for D & J Diversified Repair Service.

Doug to the Rescue

A very capable RV repairman, my new ‘bestie’, Doug, took our call and squeezed us in to his schedule. To make a long, boring story bearable, he discovered that the protective canopy, which keeps moisture out of the slide, had come off the track, bent a rod, and had snapped another rod off entirely. It looked pretty hopeless, as we did not have a replacement rod (who would?). So, we had to pay for an additional night, and cancel our reserved spot in Iowa. Doug, being someone who is not easily deterred, returned later in the day with a pipe that he had fashioned to replace the shattered rod.

I love Doug.

In what feels like a former lifetime, we lived in Iowa for a 2-year stint. We were scheduled to reconnect with my former co-worker and friend, Julie during our stay. I was so eager to see her, but I was merely curious to see the old haunts. I had culture shock when we moved from the mid-Atlantic to the Hawkeye State many years ago. At the time, it seemed a bit “backward”. I was shocked. We found Cedar Rapids to be growing and bustling and a far livelier community than the one we left 15 years ago!

Our campsite was on Coralville Lake. It was large and level and would have been the perfect spot for a longer stay.

We just happened to be in Iowa for my birthday. I try to ignore birthdays, as they seem to get here more quickly each year. However, Julie was not going to let this day slip by unobserved. She was so thoughtful, putting together a meal, and gifts and some specialty cupcakes. I am so very grateful that she went to so much trouble to create a truly memorable day.

We departed Iowa with a nostalgic tug at the heart and were soon Indiana Bound.

Dance Tiny Dancer

I am going to suggest that Indiana misappropriates its highway funding. I have never been on worse roads, and at this juncture, I have been on LOTS of roads. I-80 in the vicinity of Gary, IN is a nightmare of endless bumps, potholes, concrete walls, open road seams, and orange cones.

The hula dancer on the dashboard, that was a birthday gift from Julie, is now in traction with severe spinal trauma from her LONG, bumpy ride through Indiana.

Our site at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Albion was not at all level, which causes my husband great angst. Shall we say that this was not the best stop? We were road weary and disgruntled and had to deal with a ‘hangry dog’ and a hula dancer with spinal stenosis.

I did not even take a photo in this park, which was probably a nice park that did not get a fair shake.

We did arrive safely at Evangola State Park, on Lake Erie in New York, and in far better states of mind.

But that’s another story…

Stay tuned

2 thoughts on “Detour in ‘de tour’

  1. Like reading an exciting novel — can’t wait for the outcome.  And each time, the unexpected problem is solved unexpectedly.  That guardian angel is clinging to your shoulder!


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