Verizon, Veterinarians & a VERY Naughty Puppy

Sitting Pretty

Just as we were leaving North Carolina, I dropped my iPhone on a rock, at just the perfect angle that it shattered the glass. I have had that iPhone 6S for a frightfully long time, and had an unhealthy attachment to the frayed, Blue Otter Box and the oversized screen. It had totally inadequate storage, and desperately needed updated, but it was like my “blankie”. When I saw the screen, with web-like cracks covering the entire screen, I nearly wept. Yes, I was going to have to find a Verizon store, and spend too much money, in an effort to replace my trusty, old friend. <sigh> Fortunately we found a Verizon Retail store in Murrell’s Inlet, SC and I was able to make a new friend: A purple iPhone 12 with a clear, sparkly Otter Box.

We already had a veterinary appointment scheduled for Gypsy at The Animal Hospital of South Carolina in Pawley’s Island, which was luckily right down the road from the Verizon Store. It was time for Gypsy’s post-spay check up and suture removal. I was totally flabbergasted when the vet removed the stitches, gave her a quick check up, and declared her healthy enough to resume normal activities. No more cone of shame, or inflatable collars designed to keep her from gnawing at her incision. YAY!! And furthermore, the vet DID NOT CHARGE US. That’s right. No charge. I’m still happily perplexed. Needless to say, The Animal Hospital of South Carolina is going to get a great YELP review from me.

After taking care of all of the necessary nonsense, we thoroughly enjoyed a few romps in the ocean at Huntington Beach State Park. Our campsite was right behind the dunes. We could not see the ocean, but could hear the rhythm of the tide. It was a very short walk to the beach. The park is a true wildlife sanctuary. It covers several square miles that include marshland with a myriad of birds, turtles and alligators, as well as a huge stretch of pristine, unspoiled Atlantic shoreline. I could have stayed there longer, but we had reservations at Tybee Island, GA. I will definitely be back for a longer stay.

We had planned to stop near Savannah to have a quick lunch with my brother-in-law’s niece and sister-in-law. Emily was very gracious in finding a restaurant that had a parking lot that would be large enough to accommodate our RV. We would have to leave Gypsy in the RV while we grabbed a quick bite. She had a Kong to keep her busy, and AC to keep her cool. It was only going to be a 45 minute lunch. What could possibly go wrong? She had been left on her own before, without incident. I knew almost immediately upon our return to the motorhome that something was amiss. She was sitting in the driver’s seat, after crashing through a baby gate to get access to the cab of the motorhome. I slid her over, sat down, and heard the unmistakable sound of water gushing. She had managed to jump onto the kitchen counter, turn on the water, and flood the inside of the RV. BAD DOG! My husband, with bath towels in hand, sopping up the mess, was not amused. I, on the other hand, had a hard time stifling my laughter.

Retired and rambling is not always a vacation.

We have arrived at Tybee Island, but have laundry to do, a new screen room to erect, and a wet mess to deal with.

Stay tuned….

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