Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue..

“Big wheels keep on turnin’. Carry me home to see my kin”

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Eventually these wheels will be carrying us back to our kin but in the meantime we are keeping in touch via phone calls and text messages while we enjoy an opportunity to explore the Gulf Coast.

It was hard to say goodbye to Florida’s Emerald Coast. The little towns along highway 30A are each unique and all boast the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Blue Mountain Beach is the highest spot, at a whopping 65 feet above sea level. It’s all relative.

It’s been cold, cold enough to wear ski jackets and an assortment of North Face gear. Yet, it has been sunny enough to enjoy long walks along the beach and some quality time outside with my vagabond pup. Gypsy enjoys the outdoors almost as much as I do. I love the solitude of winter walks. I stroll along contemplating the universe and she strolls alongside me, contemplating her next meal.

Prayer of the woods.

“… the wood of your cradle and the shell of your coffin…”

This beautiful prayer was posted in a cave formed by live oak, on a trail that was passageway through dunes thriving with vegetation. It was the perfect spot for meditating and giving thanks for the grandeur of our amazing world. I could not pass this sign without reading aloud.

Where the skies are so blue?????

Today sweet home Alabama has grey skies and is spewing copious amounts of rain. These are the days that make me question the wisdom of living in an RV with a Labrador pup. I am not a fan of wet weather or wet, smelly dog fur; or wet puppy paws. It’s all part of the package, so I have to suck it up, regularly wipe down the wet pet, and pray for sunny days ahead.

Thankfully, we had a sunny, cool day to explore Gulf State Park yesterday. I managed an early morning run during an extremely brisk dawning of a new day. Only the heartiest souls and disgruntled dog walkers were out in the chill of the morning air. We then, took a 10-mile walk along the perimeter of the park. The path was paved and fairly well used by hikers, bikers and joggers. There is such magnificence that goes missed when you don’t explore on foot.

We loved this place SO much, and our stay here is so brief, that we booked a 2-week stay for next winter.

Tomorrow is off to Opp, AL. Have you ever heard of it? Neither have I.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Your descriptions make me want to pack up and hurry on down there. I’m SO glad you “took” me with you on your adventure. Looking forward to hearing more. God bless.


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