Georgia, Georgia…. The Whole Day Through

Georgia on my Mind…

There are well over 50 songs written about Georgia. It is not surprising that lyricists and poets have been inspired to capture the emotions associated with this area. Originally founded as a penal colony, the youngest of the 13 original states, Georgia has both enormous beauty and a checkered past. I love to take long, contemplative walks but can’t seem to manage even a few steps without having thoughts of the devil going down to Georgia, rainy nights in Georgia, or midnight trains to Georgia. Basically, I cannot get Georgia off my mind.

Reed Bingham State Park is situated on the Coastal Plains near Adel, GA. It is a well used recreation area with a fishing lake, a dam, ball fields, picnic areas and some truly amazing trails. I expected sandy paths through the wiregrass but was pleasantly surprised to find miles of boardwalk that twisted through Cyprus swamp, yucca fields, live oak and pine forest. The sun has been shining through, allowing for plentiful outdoor activities on warm February days.

There is also a very weathered mini-golf course on the park grounds. You can pay $5 per person to play. Or, if you are notoriously cheap, as we are, you can pull putters and balls from your own bags, jump the fence and play.

With so much to explore, I am certainly getting my steps in. As the temperatures approach 80F later this week, I hope to explore some waterways via kayak.

In the meantime, Gypsy is convinced that all of the GO DAWGS excitement is about her. She likes it here.

Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “Georgia, Georgia…. The Whole Day Through

  1. Love all things Georgia Bull Dawgs!!! Your writing is amazing, the pictures are meaningful and fun, glad you are sharing your experiences with all of us!!! Love you


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