Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments

Author Joan Didion penned an award winning book entitled A Year of Magical Thinking that deals with grief, mourning, and attempts to avert abhorrent circumstances through hopeful thinking. My upcoming year is not as distressing and certainly not comparable to Ms. Didion’s year of heartbreak. Yet, I do intend to utilize her idea of magical thinking to aid in my trek through the next twelve months of vagrancy. It will be A Year of Embracing Everyday Eccentricities.

Have you played Wordle? Quordle? I am addicted to both. They are an opiate to me. I cannot start a day on the right track if I do not successfully complete both of these word games. I have a serious monkey on my back.

I thought that it would be a good idea to get a booster shot now that Covid numbers are, once again, on the rise. I knew that I would probably get achy and feverish but I bit the bullet and rolled up my sleeve for shot #4. Six hours later every muscle in my body throbbed. I was clammy and cold at the same time. It felt as if I had been pierced by a bayonet at the injection site. I wanted so desperately to just go to sleep, but my arm was pounding and my head was throbbing, and all I could think about was five-letter words that I could plug into Wordle and Quordle. I’m moaning and sweating and thinking: FEVER, AGONY, THROB, CRAMP, CHILL, COVID. You get the picture. I think I need a 12-step-program.

Riders Up!

May is all about running for the roses and making mint juleps. We were not invited to wear feathered, organza hats while sipping bourbon at Churchill Downs and watching the sun go down on our old Kentucky home. Instead, we joined friends at Laurel Park for a thoroughly enjoyable day of thoroughbreds and throwing money away.

It was a day for mudders. It’s been one of those Springs. Bring your boots and bumbershoots.

Meanwhile, back at Ramblin’Pines Campground, we have had a few sunny days and long walks with Gypsy. While meandering about the acreage, I happened to note the large numbers of towering hardwoods, and the near absence of pine trees. Just another comical anomaly. I am easily amused.

Speaking of which, does anyone else out there find lawn ornaments to be too campy (pun intended) for words?

And FINALLY, we have made a concrete step in our home building process. We have met with our site operations manager and now have an overview plan for the construction process…

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”
― Aristotle

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments

  1. So happy you have home plans more finalized. Loved your story, sad you became ill from the vaccination, bummer. I love the idea of magical thinking, will take a look at the book. Miss you and sending big hugs, Love, MRF


  2. I know Ramblin’ Pines well. Mom and Dad had a site up there for years. Hopefully the coming year will seemingly go by quick enough for it to be a quick check on the bucket list. On to the next chapter of the joys of home ownership again.


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