Saddles, St. Louis and Sleeping Sideways

With slide out and jacks down, we thought we were hopelessly stuck in Woodbine, Maryland. We had enlisted the help of the RV manufacturer, and an onsite service tech. Neither were able to fix the power source problem that was plaguing Big, Bad Bertha. Through some divine intervention, my husband hit a reconfigure button on his app, and we had a 10-second window in which the battery showed a charge. We slammed the slide shut, lifted the jacks, and headed west, knowing that our headaches were hitching a ride with us. We were already seriously behind on our scheduled trip. We had to skip our stops at Ohiopyle in Western Pennsylvania, and John Bryan State Park near Columbus Ohio. We motored straight through to Mc Cormick’s Creek State Park near Bloomington, Indiana. It was a 10-hour, white-knuckle trek but we were back on schedule.

Without a functioning slide out, our motorhome has extremely narrow hallways, and a king-sized bed that cannot be extended. Being petite is finally a plus. If I were much bulkier, I would have to spray myself with Pam in order to slide down the hallway. You can barely open the refrigerator but I can squeeze my arms in enough to get most food items out. The fruit drawer, however, is impossible to open. I lie in bed at night, just imagining the stuff growing in there, most assuredly matter that should be on a petri dish.

My husband sleeps on the bunk over the cab. Gypsy and I slumber sideways on the jackknifed bed. It’s not ideal, but it works. Desperate people do curious things.

“When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.”

Theodore Roosevelt

We are determined to keep moving forward, so we are, literally, back in the saddle again! We were able to cast away our woes long enough to enjoy a trail ride. “My” lead horse, Moe, which has to be short for molasses, was seasoned and SLOW. My husband’s steed was an enormous draft horse that plodded along behind “Slow Moe”, never trying to take the lead in spite of the lethargic pace.

We also managed a hike to Wolf Cave. Gypsy found a few photo ops along the way before we returned to the reality of our dilemma.

We contacted the manufacturer of the defective RV computer. After multiple, troubleshooting phone calls, we were advised that in order to fix the issue, we would need a new control panel. They agreed to send one via overnight service to our next stop, at Babler State Park near St. Louis. The package was there when we arrived. With a renewed sense of optimism, my husband prepared to install the new component. I, wisely, put the leash on my favorite, four-legged friend and set out to take a LONG walk. It’s better that way. We have a way of getting underfoot, second guessing my husband’s approach to things, and making him crazy.

When we returned after a few hours I knew it wasn’t a successful endeavor. My spouse was sweating profusely, and had a glassy stare. The new (and quite expensive) control panel showed the same error message. The manufacturer sent an update that we downloaded to a thumb drive. We have the latest software, but we still have a broken RV with a drawer full of moldy blueberries.

Now what?

Life keeps giving us lemons.

Make lemonade, or go grab a beer at Busch stadium…

The Cardinal’s home stadium is a great place to catch a game. I am so grateful for the diversions. It’s helping to keep us semi-sane.

Now, believe it or not, we are off to Independence, MO, where we intend to close on our new home construction. Truth is stranger than fiction. We will be meeting a notary at a Pizza Hut so that we can get moving on the Lake Anna house.

Stay tuned…

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