Sand, Sun & Family Fun

“You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.” 

—Rod Stewart, singer

We have the type of family that is spread out all over the place. Some members are in New England, some are in the Mid-Atlantic, some are in the South, and a couple of us live in a truck, with no real place to call home. In spite of the miles between us, we are determined to remain a cohesive clan. Because life often gets in the way, it appears to be impossible to get ALL of us assembled but we managed to get the majority of our brood in the same place, at the same time, for at least long enough to make a few memories. Those who could not join us, mainly due to work obligations, were sorely missed. We’ll just keep trying to hit that 100% participation mark.

Ocean City, Maryland provided the backdrop for the 2022 reunion. Conditions could not have been better. The sun was abundant and the ocean water was refreshing, not frigid. The waves were calling body surfers and boogie boarders of all ages to jump in and frolic amidst the breakers. Grandparents, parents and kids were all being tossed around in the tide, losing footing and an occasional bathing suit bottom.

We spent time at the beach, in the bay, by the pool, on the boardwalk, at the amusement pier, and at a tiki bar or two. We rafted, swam, rode bikes, played games, drank a few buckets of margaritas, and chatted the days away. Even the time allowed by an extended weekend was insufficient for spending adequate time with everyone.

It seems like just yesterday that my dad hooked up the pop-up trailer to our Chevy, Bel Air station wagon, and took our family to Ocean City for a sabbatical in the sun. I’m not sure how it happened, but now, as a Grandma, I am in the eldest generation of our family. Although not a fan of aging this swiftly, I am exuberant about watching our “kids” branch out, pursue various careers, and have kids of their own. Our family tree continues to spread, and to grow new, sturdy branches.

“Within our family there was no such thing as a person who did not matter. Second cousins thrice removed mattered.”


How truly joyous it was to see first cousins, and second cousins, meet and interact. It is these precious moments that create memories. It is within these treasured, twinkles of time that lasting bonds will be forged.

Time spent together solidifies the love that we share.

On the lakefront situation….

We are hoping that the 2023 reunion (with 100% participation) will be held at our Lake Anna home. No, the footers have not yet been poured, but we are in the permitting process. We do not have a house. We do not have a boat. We do, however, have a newly completed dock! You have to start somewhere….

Onward to Delaware.

Stay tuned….

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