Somewhat Stationary and Semi-Retired

After a whirlwind of summer travel, we have temporarily settled down in the Washington, DC area. We are in a campground that is close enough to the kids and grandkids that we can enjoy some much-needed family time before resuming our quest for a quieter, lakefront life. It’s been a long, erratic expedition. Ten months of life in a truck, doing battle with Big Bertha’s list of bugs and breakdowns has been taxing. I feel like Don Quixote, battling windmills, in search of grand adventure. It’s time for a short intermission.

“This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far… “

Joe Darion ~ Man of La Mancha

It certainly is wonderful to be within reach of both family and friends during this hiatus. We’ve been able to enjoy campground activities with the young kids and some Maryland State Fair, horse racing with the old kids. It’s good to be a kid no matter your age!

This temporary hiatus also placed us in commutable distance from our home builder. We spent a day selecting flooring, paint, placement of electrical outlets and materials for kitchens and bathrooms. With limited choices, due to supply chain issues and inflation, some of the selections were a little difficult to make. Yet, we left feeling confident that we made practical, but decent design decisions.

I have champagne tastes but a Budweiser budget. I don’t want to pay for future home upgrades with my retirement funds. Thus, I am back to the grind. I have been very fortunate to have a former employer who has welcomed me back, to fill in when there is a need. I enjoy the work, the challenges, and the camaraderie. I am thrilled and grateful to have this option. It gives me a sense of purpose without the burden of a prolonged commitment. Temporary assignments are perfect for me.

Fall sports will undoubtedly monopolize much of my free time for the next several weeks. I thoroughly enjoy watching my son coach a 12-U baseball team, for which my grandson plays 1st base. Passion for the game must be a part of our DNA. We have a multi-generational love for life on the diamond.

The boys of summer are advancing into Autumn….

Fall is also football season, and a good many of my friends are gridiron groupies. It’s time for the season openers.

Let’s go Ravens. Stay tuned….

One thought on “Somewhat Stationary and Semi-Retired

  1. I certainly love having your smiling face back in the office. Looking forward to a few more laughs and memories to our friendship.


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