More Delays and Winter Days…

The wisdom is that a watched kettle never boils. That being the case, I almost wish that we were not getting weekly updates from our builder. It’s kind of like peeking into that slow-simmering kettle. With each week, there is a new delay. There is apparently a shortage of concrete, and winter weather has become a convenient excuse for the lack of progress on our house. Unlike the kettle, my boiling point is near-at-hand.

Winter weather is causing me angst at the homesite, but it sure is glorious on the Gulf. If you have to endure the short days, and cold nights, it’s easier in Southern Alabama. The beaches are virtually deserted, the air is cool, the sun is warm, and the opportunities for outdoor activities are endless.

There are roughly 500 RV sites at Gulf State Park, and they are not tightly packed together. There is ample room to spread out without infringing upon neighboring sites. The park boasts miles and miles of paved trails, and boardwalk, as well as two miles of sandy beachfront. There are tennis courts, pickle ball courts, a swimming pool, nature center and laundry facilities. It’s not a bad place to be when dealing with delays.

And so, the end of January nears, and February is approaching the starting gate. The shortest month is notoriously the worst month for inclement weather in the mid-Atlantic. I am not feeling much confidence in making significant headway on the house. I have grown cynical in my old age. Rather than to see the world through rose colored glasses, I buy rosé and pour it into glasses. When the world makes you wait, wine helps.

I wish I had the penchant for acceptance that our Labrador has. Gypsy, is not disturbed by the setbacks, she has mastered the art of finding joy in spite of circumstance.

One more week to explore Gulf Shores, then on to Florida’s panhandle.

Let’s hope that our project manager does not give up home construction for Lent.

Stay tuned…..

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