Time for a Tantrum

There are a few things that make me grumpy. I do not like cold. I do not like feeling unwell. I do not like learning of delays in our home building saga. It’s been the perfect trifecta since arriving in South Carolina.

Flip flops have been replaced by boots. Ball caps have been replaced by woolen ski hats. Gloves have made a reappearance. Grouchy and grumbling, I convinced my surly self to layer-up, take a walk, and channel some appreciation for my surroundings. My attempts to seek positivity were short-lived as my mantra soon became “this cold weather crap is for the birds.”

Cold makes me cantankerous, but something else was amiss. As I trudged along I realized that I was tired, lagging behind and limping a bit. Wait! Could I be getting sick? I have a super-strong constitution. I have a remarkable immune system. Covid was afraid of me. There was simply no way that I could be feeling lousy, on the road, this far away from home.

Oh. Never mind. I don’t have a home. Like these turtles, I am carrying my house on my back.

Even these tortoise had to hunch together to say warm.

I’m freezing. I’m ill. I’m beginning to relate to these reptiles.

Thank goodness that I have friends and family that are in the medical profession. I was able to relay my symptoms via phone call and was soon loading up on antibiotics.

Did I mention that it was St. Patrick’s Day? With these meds onboard it was going to be a dry celebration for me.

Still, I did not want to spoil all of the fun associated with Gaelic gaiety. I may not have had the luck of the Irish but my husband, at least, deserved a dram of Guinness.

“May the wind always be at your back…” It’s part of an Irish prayer. The wind was at our back, our front, our sides, and in our faces. We lasted about an hour before the extremely cold wind blew us back to Bertha.

Furthermore, we have NOT received the expected notification that framing has been completed on our house. If I don’t soon get some good news, I can going to throw myself on the ground and start thrashing around like a tortured toddler

Rant over. Probably not. Okay, the current rant is temporarily over.

I may be crestfallen but we continue to don our winter wear and find a way to enjoy what we can.

There are certain signs of Spring. I will heal. The sun will eventually warm the earth. The [expletive deleted] builder will finish the home construction. Patience, grasshopper….

And as my granddaughter reminded me, when we began this journey over 16 months ago: Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

3 thoughts on “Time for a Tantrum

  1. Oh my goodness guys, more delays? I have never had a house built, although I know others who have. It always seems to be something. But. Just imagine how crazy it will feel to have ROOM when it’s finished. It’s cold down here in Florida as well. Often by now we are in the pool. Not this year. Although we have had more use of our propane fire pit than we have in 7 years we have lived here.
    Hang in there.


  2. When the weather again heats up, as it surely will, Wendy had a bit of advice. When using your screened in outdoor area, spray it with bug spray to keep the nostrums at bay.


  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Cold weather, delays, and not feeling well are reasons for a tantrum, but Kenley is right—slow and steady win the race. Hang in there!


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