A Remembrance in the Rockies

My brother-in-law loved Colorado. He liked to hike and bike and enjoy the splendor of the majestic, Rocky Mountains. Sadly, the time allotted to him for indulgence in these passions was far too limited. He spent the last decade of his life battling various malignancies, to which he eventually succumbed. He endured multiple surgeries, tediousContinue reading “A Remembrance in the Rockies”

Bertha Loves Byron ~ An RV Repair Romance

Our RV, Big Bertha has not been big at all, lately. In fact, she has been far too slender. If you have been following the saga, you know that her slide has been hopelessly stuck in the retracted position. Numerous attempts, and plenty of money, have gone in to troubleshooting the problem, but to noContinue reading “Bertha Loves Byron ~ An RV Repair Romance”

Resorting to Prayer for a Repair

The first thing you notice about Independence, Missouri is the tremendous numbers of steeples, pointed skyward. There are plenty of historic churches of all denominations scattered about the historic downtown. Joseph Smith led Mormon missionaries to Independence and declared this frontier town to be Zion, the City of God. it seemed like a good placeContinue reading “Resorting to Prayer for a Repair”

Saddles, St. Louis and Sleeping Sideways

With slide out and jacks down, we thought we were hopelessly stuck in Woodbine, Maryland. We had enlisted the help of the RV manufacturer, and an onsite service tech. Neither were able to fix the power source problem that was plaguing Big, Bad Bertha. Through some divine intervention, my husband hit a reconfigure button onContinue reading “Saddles, St. Louis and Sleeping Sideways”

Music, Milestones and Majesty

“If music be the food of love, play on.” William Shakespeare Who doesn’t love late Spring? It is a time for recitals, graduations, baseball tournaments, pool openings, long, warm days and outdoor entertainment. It is my favorite time of the year. Let’s face it, RV existence is a seriously claustrophobic experience, but our living spaceContinue reading “Music, Milestones and Majesty”

Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments

Author Joan Didion penned an award winning book entitled A Year of Magical Thinking that deals with grief, mourning, and attempts to avert abhorrent circumstances through hopeful thinking. My upcoming year is not as distressing and certainly not comparable to Ms. Didion’s year of heartbreak. Yet, I do intend to utilize her idea of magicalContinue reading “Quordle, Covid and The Land of Lawn Ornaments”

Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel

With a contract in hand, we are finally moving forward with concrete plans to have a new home built. Site planning, lot clearing, well digging and construction are projected to take a year. A year? We’ve already been living like wayward wanderers for six months. What’s another year? Another year is an additional 365 days,Continue reading “Looking for Light at the End of the Tunnel”