Ya’ Bums Ya’… Birds, Bucs and More Birds

As I child I could barely wait to pick up the morning newspaper to check the MLB standings and box scores. The Sunday paper had complete statistics. I committed the ERAs, batting averages and slugging percentages of the Pittsburgh Pirates to memory. My mom and her entire family were huge fans of the Bucco’s. SheContinue reading “Ya’ Bums Ya’… Birds, Bucs and More Birds”

Barbarism and Billy Beer

“Once inside… men exclaimed: ‘Is this hell?’ Verily, the great masses of gaunt, unnatural-looking beings, soot-begrimed, and clad in filthy tatters, that we saw stalking about inside this pen looked, indeed, as if they might belong to a world of lost spirits.” W.b. smith, 14th illinois infantry, oct. 9, 1864 A drive through the SouthContinue reading “Barbarism and Billy Beer”

Georgia, Georgia…. The Whole Day Through

There are well over 50 songs written about Georgia. It is not surprising that lyricists and poets have been inspired to capture the emotions associated with this area. Originally founded as a penal colony, the youngest of the 13 original states, Georgia has both enormous beauty and a checkered past. I love to take long,Continue reading “Georgia, Georgia…. The Whole Day Through”

Fried Okra, Food Trucks and Forest Floors

Put some South in yo’ Mouth… Well, we finally did it. We finally made it to Hook’s Bar-B-Q. Our meals were packaged in the finest quality Styrofoam, and we were awarded bonus portions of white bread and pound cake. Yes, white bread, the type with absolutely no nutritional value; the type you can roll intoContinue reading “Fried Okra, Food Trucks and Forest Floors”