The return of Big Bertha

April 30, 2021

Big Bertha is back home! She is in the driveway, quickly developing a patina of pollen and amassing heaps of helicopter seeds. Although some warranty work still remains, the critical things have been taken care of. The cosmetic things will have to wait. We have some important work to do before an upcoming, short, weekend jaunt.

“Gypsies have no boundaries. They have primitive, untamed personalities and ‘that look in their eyes.”
― Karl Wiggins

If you have not, yet, had the pleasure, please meet Gypsy. We had an urge to share our love for a nomadic lifestyle with a faithful friend and hiking companion.

Gypsy is all lab. She is curious, energetic, mischievous, demanding, and the cutest ball of fur ever.

She is our love, our challenge, our entertainment, our exercise routine and our alarm clock.

In truth, we have been blessed with a pup who has proven relatively easy to train. So far. Maybe we lucked out, or maybe our planets just happen to be properly aligned at the moment.

  • We anticipated that there would be a hurdle or two in introducing Gypsy to the RV. Our housebreaking efforts have been miraculously successful. But this home has wheels, and it smells different, and there are no sliding glass doors to stare out of.
  • Introducing Gypsy to Bertha, early in the game, was necessary if we hoped to avoid messy accidents, chomped up chairs, damaged dinettes, and crunched-upon cabinetry.
  • Because we are insane, we conducted a trial run. Yes, we slept in the driveway with the dog. Our neighbors question our stability.

We believe in crate training and Gypsy already sees her crate as her happy place. So, we moved it into the RV, and voila! She settled right down and slept without hysteria, howling or havoc of any kind.

Granted, we were standing still. Next step is to actually drive the motorhome with her in it.

I envision a puppy slip-sliding-away all over the floor, feasting on the furnishings, or worse, a nipping, nomad bounding like a Jackalope into the truck cab. We are formulating plans for how to best contain her in comfort while heading down the highway.

I’ll let you know how that all works out.

We will soon both be fully vaccinated, and able to do more RV rambling. Until that time, we will busy ourselves cheering for the best ball players around…..

3 thoughts on “The return of Big Bertha

  1. Your Gypsy tale did not disappoint. Can’t wait for the next installment. Pictures of my great grands are always more than welcome, natch!! Happy trails and God be with you on your journeys.


  2. Love your way with words, Amy, you are a gifted writer and it is always a treasure to see what is happening in your Retired and Rambling blog. Love the pics – Big Bertha, grandchildren and puppy all look great! Love, MRF


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