Lightning never strikes the same place twice?

Strike 1

During our March trip to Austin, Texas, we had a tree fall on our garage. It was an isolated incident, one that would surely not repeat itself. I mean, lightening never strikes the same place twice, right? WRONG! I have researched the likelihood of multiple strikes in the same location, and it seems that because weather patterns are repetitive, it is not uncommon for two lightning strikes in the same place. How about three?

We have a kind and conscientious neighbor who keeps an eye on our property while we are out, galavanting around the globe. During our recent trek to the west coast, sometime in July, Barry called to tell us that an enormous tree had fallen into his backyard, causing a chain reaction which impacted our lot. The tree crashed through power lines violently enough that it caused the wires to catapult a telephone pole into our backyard. Picture it, a giant slingshot composed of overhead wires, loaded with a telephone pole, aimed at the center of our lawn. A number of small trees also tumbled into our gardens, and the wires wound up dangling into our pond. On the positive side, there were no electrocutions. On the negative side, no one wanted to accept responsibility for the damage or the subsequent clean up. Baltimore Gas & Electric pointed fingers at Verizon, Verizon pointed fingers at Comcast, Comcast pointed fingers at Baltimore Gas & Electric. You get the general picture.

Through some long distance persistence, the assistance of our remarkably thoughtful neighbor, and the expenditure of quite a few bucks, the mess was cleaned up.

We had a few days in August during which we could grab the grandkids and head to the Delaware beaches. After the tree fiascos, I was a bit wary of wandering away from home, BUT the kids love “glamping” and we love having their company. We stayed at the Delaware Seashore State Park which is a slice of paradise for kids. The ocean is within walking distance. There are plenty of safe roads on which to ride bikes and there are playgrounds that are packed with kids.

We were having SO much fun. We were diving into waves, playing games, soaking up the sun and swimming in the surf. We managed a trip to the boardwalk with a stop at Funland, where my grandson managed to coerce me into joining him on a ride that had me dangling, completely upside down for longer than was comfortable. I lived to tell about it.

It was perfect, until the text from Barry arrived.

A telephone pole behind our pond, NOT the one that had previously been catapulted into our yard, was on fire. Our yard was filled with bucket trucks, fire trucks and an assortment of emergency response vehicles, all of which left, deep, muddy ruts in our meticulously manicured lawn. More landscape work. More $$$$$. My yard is a money pit.

And yet, because we believe the odds are against a fourth lightning strike, we are ready to embark on a journey that will eventually take us to coastal Georgia. Dare I ask what the next backyard catastrophe will be?

Stay tuned….

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