Downy Oshun, Hon

If you are from the Baltimore area you know that ‘Downy Oshun’ is a colloquialism for “going down to the ocean”. Why waste syllables? There are multiple beach destinations along the Mid-Atlantic Coast, but for many in the Baltimore area, the ONLY “Oshun” destination is Ocean City, Maryland.

We’ve been to Ocean City on countless occasions. It is a very commercial strip of land that boasts a boardwalk, amusement piers, arcades, water parks and lots of miniature golf. It has hotels, motels, condos, restaurants and bars. It has world famous Thrasher’s French Fries, and Fisher’s Pop-Corn. It has neon, and music, and bicycles and tram cars. It has sun and sand and a fast food joint on every block. Ocean City is a Mecca for pizza, playtime and partying.

We are outdoor lovers. We like to bike, hike and kayak and generally do so while camped at a State Park. We initially had reservations for a site on Assateague National Seashore, which is very close to Ocean City, but due to the no dog rule, we had to find an alternate site, where Gypsy would be welcome. Thus, Ocean City and The Castaways RV Resort:

Castaways is a huge diversion for us. Not only is it a commercial campground, it is a true resort with a Caribbean vibe. There is a private beach, a dog beach, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a Tiki bar, a pool bar and a fitness center! Cabins, painted in bright, tropical colors are available for rent. Additionally, you can rent golf carts, jet-skis, kayaks, paddle-boards or inflatable party islands!

Poor Gypsy is recovering from her recent spay procedure, so she was unable to play on the doggie-beach, but she did manage to have a good time at the dog-friendly pool bar, while I managed to get in a round of mini-golf.

It’s a good thing that we had reservations for only three nights. A person could get used to that kind of debauchery.

But, time to get back on track. Goose Creek State Park, here we come.

Stay tuned…

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