Vagabond Vicissitudes

I sobbed out loud when I closed the front door for the final time. I loved my home and will always treasure the memories that reverberate within its walls.

It’s real. Our beloved home has been sold and we have taken up residence in a truck. It’s a nice truck, with plumbing and refrigeration, and heat. Okay, to be fair, it is really a class C Recreational Vehicle named Big Bertha (which is nothing more than a truck with a fancy semi-trailer attached.)

The bed is cozy. The recliners are relaxing. The kitchen is compact, but functional. We are not starving or freezing but we have been known to step on each others toes; frequently. In some contexts being close to your spouse is a wonderful thing. This is not one of them. Because our four-legged friend is taking up more than her fair share of space, we are even more confined and constantly covered in fine, white, dog hair.

I do miss my home (the one without wheels) but cramped spaces and canine fur aside, the experience, thus far, has been surprisingly positive. Of course, we are only five days into this insanity, so time will tell.

Cherry Hill Park, near College Park, Maryland is one of the finest commercial RV parks that we have ever stayed in. The amenities include a well-stocked store, a cafe (that delivers to your site), a perimeter hiking trail, pools, hot tub, playgrounds, laundry room, dog park and a tour bus that regularly departs for our nation’s capital. The sites are level, the park is well maintained, clean and loaded with conveniences like multiple, large, warm, sanitized bathhouses. It is located near the junction of I-95 and the Washington Beltway, so it is impossible to completely escape the traffic noise, but it is far from unbearable and easy to forgive because Cherry Hill is truly a gem.

Gypsy, poor pup, has no idea, what on earth, is going on. She thinks we are crazy, and she may be right. One day she had an entire house and yard to zoom around in. The next she was living in a big rig. Thankfully, she has been working out her anxiety at the dog park, perfecting her agility skills. This mutt will do anything for food.

“Push up the score, keep on fighting for more,
For Maryland, GO TERPS!”

The Paint Branch Trail connects Cherry Hill Campground to the University of Maryland campus. Because there was a home football game, we knew our dear friends (die hard Terp fans, poor souls) would be tailgating. We jumped on our bikes and rode to the parking lot to surprise them, and to enjoy some great food, a beer or two, and the company of some of our favorite folks.

It was a chilly ride, but well worth it!

Thanksgiving is looming and it is the first time in decades that I will not be hosting the feast. I have always enjoyed the preparation and the large number of guests. It will certainly be different, but the success of the holiday is now in the hands of my eldest niece. She will do an excellent job and I am looking forward to my new role as a guest…

We have embarked upon a voyage in which everything is new. Virgin territory can be somewhat intimidating.

Travel along with us. Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Vagabond Vicissitudes

  1. So happy you were able to sell your house. I’m sure you have all your memories recorded on pictures. I wish you well in your new location. I see that Gypsy has grown quite a bit. Hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Looking forward to more stories of your adventures.


  2. We loved your beautiful home but more than that we love the beautiful people who lived there. The home you loved is now a house. You well appointed truck is home for awhile; enjoy the transition time. May it be cozy and full of love. We will find you and visit where ever you are! Love you
    Lenore and Diane


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