Grasping at Gratitude

November is supposed to be all about Thanksgiving, and being filled with appreciation, and counting your blessings. Looks like this pilgrim missed the Mayflower. I have not exactly been brimming with gratitude. I miss my house. I dislike cold weather. Most notably, however, I am totally fed up with RV warranty repairs, dealerships, and motorhome service in general. Waking to a leaky bedroom ceiling started this specific tirade. Cold is bad enough. I draw the line at wet. I am quickly becoming a cantankerous, crotchety crab.

“In the time of test, family is best.” – Burmese Proverb.

My (dour) general outlook was not improved when I learned of a death in my husband’s family. I was already playing hide-and-seek with thankfulness, and did not need more sorrow introduced to the stew. Begin with a base of homelessness. Simmer. Add November wind chills, then gently fold in a funeral. It’s the perfect recipe for a self-pity party.

It was during the solemnity of the funeral service that I opened my eyes and discovered a genuine reason to be grateful: family. There were tears but there were so many shared memories of happier times. The supportive love of family members was apparent and abundant. Like the Grinch, my heart began to grow as I acknowledged how truly grateful I am for strong family ties. RIP, Aunt Ras.

It is said that home is where the heart is. My beloved, brick and mortar house may be gone, but I realized that to grow in gratitude, I would have to make new memories in my existing home, the one with the wheels. Because grumpiness and grandchildren cannot coexist, I grabbed my grandkids and introduced them to our new, albeit temporary, neighborhood. They seemed perfectly content to explore the park acreage and to cozy up in our confined space. There is much to learn from the adaptability of children. I am truly grateful to be able to share special moments with these prodigious progeny of mine.

Author, JK Rowling said, “Family is a lifejacket in the stormy sea of life.” She is so right. My very capable niece generously hosted this year’s feast. It was not easy to pass the baton, but I conceded. I could not bake a turkey and all of the trimmings in my toaster oven, and the RV dinette only seats four comfortably. We’d have been a tad squished. After a few days with family, a perfectly browned turkey, a few pounds of butter and plentiful pie, my attitude shifted towards bona fide gratitude. I was no longer looking for reasons to be thankful, I was surrounded by substantiation.

The furry family member…

Lest I neglect to mention the obvious, I am also grateful for my four-legged child, Gypsy.

She’s not only lovable, she’s smart.

She has decided to get her degree in advanced dog obedience at the University of Maryland. She had better take the accelerated course, as our time here is soon coming to a close.

In closing, I am deeply and genuinely thankful for family and friends, near and far. Thanks for “having my back” as I continue this crazy lifestyle. I am warm, and fed, and comfortable. I whine too much at times, but I do know how blessed I have been and how lucky I am to have a year of adventure ahead.

Next: Ho, ho, ho…. Christmas travels.

Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “Grasping at Gratitude

  1. Oh Amy❤️ This is my first look at your blog, and it just warmed my heart!❤️ YES… family makes everything BETTER❤️😍 Love THIS!!💕


  2. You write well Amy!
    I am happy you are finding the silver lining in these difficult times for you and Geoff!
    Dave and I are sorry for the loss of your loved one! It seems life always offers us challenges! You seem to take up the gauntlet and push through the difficulties!
    Not everyone can do that and you do it with a smile! Bless you both!
    We too are thankful for family it is what matters! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. I love cold weather, but I’m with you on the leaking ceiling. You’re making new memories, though, in your RV – and when you get settled in you new home, there will be lots of laughs to look back on! Hang in there, you’ve got an exciting adventure going.


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