Tricky trails, and TV troubles…

Whoa! What is this about TVs? We are out in nature, planting ourselves at various magnificent campsites along the Gulf of Mexico. Where do televisions come into play? To set the record straight, we are not really camping. We are living in a truck. We do not have campfires while singing Kumbaya and eating smores EVERY night. We continue to attempt some normalcy in this less-than-normal living arrangement, which includes watching the news, etc. Although, pretty much everything about living in an RV is a bit unorthodox.

Let’s be real. We have about 210 square feet of living space. We live in a large, rectangular box, with a few partial walls thrown in to create the illusion of multiple rooms. In that space, we have three, yes folks, THREE flat screen, color TVs. This definitely feels like overkill for someone who grew up in a three-story home with one, black and white TV. Yet, panic ensued when the set in the ‘bedroom’ projected only a line running vertically down the screen. No picture?? On Super Bowl Sunday??

Neither one of us is particularly adept at electronics or projects involving tools. Yet, despite our lack of know-how, we removed the malfunctioning set and prepared to mount a new one. My husband made a beeline to the local Walmart, and we were soon the proud owners of a new 32″ Roku TV. Did it have the same mounting hardware? Of course not. A few angry expletive later, three of the four mounting screws were precariously holding a functioning television in place. The fourth screw is headless, broken, and will undoubtedly cause chaos when we have to drive this thing to Georgia in a few days. I am bracing for the crash….

There’s nothing like a brisk hike to take your mind off the agony of shoddy workmanship. We knew that there would be signs warning us of alligator dangers, but we did not anticipate possible impalement as a consequence of our walk. It kind of made the jerry-rigged TV look inconsequential.

To be fair, the exposed rebar was part of a project to reinforce and reestablish the dunes. The trip hazards were easily avoidable, and we emerged unscathed. The effort to fortify the dunes was paying off. The stroll took us through deep sand, and hills that were vibrant and replete with vegetation.

Here’s a shocker…. we have further delays on the house construction. With each delay notification, this 210 feet of living space seems to grow even smaller.

With only a few days remaining along The Gulf, I am going to concentrate on our good fortunes, rather than on the home building debacle.

Oh…. and Gypsy loves it here. Next installment: Dunes and Dogs.

Stay tuned…..

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