Breaking the Law…. always a rebel

The ‘dog days’ of summer are not generally associated with the month of February. Those steamy, sultry days are more typically found in August. I cannot express how grateful I am that we have been blessed with a prolonged period of early, summer-like weather. Yes, flip-flops in February! My kind of winter. RV life is far more tolerable when the sun warms the air and invites you to spend significantly more time in the great outdoors.

For our Gypsy, every day is a dog day. Well, she is a dog, so it stands to reason, but she’s also a remarkably adaptable furry friend. She travels without incident, and is ALWAYS up for a walk. Her enthusiastic energy is boundless. Do they make dog-collar fit-bits? If so, she needs one.

Our lovable labrador is a total type-A tail-wagger. She does everything with great gusto. Mud wrestling is her favorite sport. She fears nothing, backs away from nothing, and is always the leader of the pack, even when she is substantially outsized.

After an amazing stay at Topsail Preserve, along Florida’s 30A, we arrived in the Coastal Plains of Georgia. If my family wasn’t so far from South Georgia, I could easily make this area my home.

Every day is a dog day in Georgia! GO DAWGS!

“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

Since this blog has already gone to the dogs, I should mention that our rough and tumble, Princess Pooch just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She celebrated her day by enjoying a fried egg atop her kibble. She was gifted with such delicacies as beef cheek and peanut butter bones.

She also has a new tough toy, a moose named Moose, that is bound to have a very short life expectancy.

This update has unexpectedly turned into a Dog Blog. Much more about why Georgia-is-Just-Peachy to come.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “‘DAWG’ DAYS

  1. Awww, Gypsy is cute. Happy birthday! And yes, they do make dog fit bits, they’re call Fit Bark (Chessie has one). Enjoy the warm weather!


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