Georgia is Just Peachy!

I’ve spent the best part of the past few years discovering America. We’ve seen many extraordinary places and have made an art of exploring our own backyard. Each area of our vast country has bragging rights. This is an impressive land we live in.

Maybe it’s because we have had absolutely stellar weather for most of February, maybe it’s because I love the salty, coastal breezes, maybe it’s because I love history and mystery shrouded in oak trees that are dripping with Spanish moss; whatever the reason, I have fallen in love with Georgia. It’s just peachy.

It’s been sunny and summerlike ever since our arrival in the Empire State of the South. The windows are open, the screen tent is up, the evenings are longer, and our Fitbits are logging in more steps. Flowers are emerging from their buds, Gopher Tortoise are peeking out of their burrows and birdsong fills the air. I am in my happy place.

Okay, weeds are also blooming, and everything we own is covered in a fuzzy green layer of pollen, but it’s nothing a little Claritin won’t fix.

It is also the time of year when prescribed burns are done to rid the forested areas of pine needles, dried leaves and brush, fighting fire with fire. I’m baffled about why the smoldering areas do not create a hazard, but I’m sure there is a science to it.

… And should an errant ember find it’s way out of the cypress forest, there is plenty of water around to dampen it.

The rivers and the swamps and the marshes and the inlets are breathtaking. The coastal plains and the Golden Isles are simply teeming with wildlife. I should mention that they are also currently teeming with gnats and “no-see-‘ums” and yes, the mosquitoes are making an early appearance. Still, nothing a whole lot of DEET and a little bit if hydrocortisone won’t fix.

There is also something inexorably romantic about the abundance of live oak trees that are cloaked in Spanish moss. They are hauntingly handsome, creating a backdrop of beauty that surrounds and speaks to you.

This area is also awash with historical places to visit. I intend to see as many as I can with the time that is allotted before we begin our trek northward.

Stay tuned…

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