From Hikers to Hackers: Something for everyone at Jekyll Island.

Savannah is amazing with the town squares and the hanging moss and the French Colonial houses. It’s brutally romantic. ~ David Morrissey When we departed Tybee Island, we did not expect to drive the motorhome through old, downtown, Savannah. These historic towns have streets that were designed for horse-drawn carriages, not behemoth busses. We shouldContinue reading “From Hikers to Hackers: Something for everyone at Jekyll Island.”

After the Flood, a Rainbow…

We managed to get the RV dried out after the Gypsy-induced flood. Water had cascaded over the cook top for an indefinite amount of time, so winding up with only one inoperable propane burner was a blessing. Everything else was soggy but salvageable. The ‘rainbow’ is a euphemism for of our relaxing stay on TybeeContinue reading “After the Flood, a Rainbow…”

Verizon, Veterinarians & a VERY Naughty Puppy

Just as we were leaving North Carolina, I dropped my iPhone on a rock, at just the perfect angle that it shattered the glass. I have had that iPhone 6S for a frightfully long time, and had an unhealthy attachment to the frayed, Blue Otter Box and the oversized screen. It had totally inadequate storage,Continue reading “Verizon, Veterinarians & a VERY Naughty Puppy”

Tunnels, Trails, (Edward) Teach and Terrible Table Service

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is a bridge-tunnel combination that is nearly 18 miles long and takes you from Virginia’s Eastern Shore to Virginia Beach, VA. I’m not a huge fan of navigating Big Bertha through ‘challenging’ segments of highway but I was determined to conquer the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. At first, driving throughContinue reading “Tunnels, Trails, (Edward) Teach and Terrible Table Service”

Lightning never strikes the same place twice?

During our March trip to Austin, Texas, we had a tree fall on our garage. It was an isolated incident, one that would surely not repeat itself. I mean, lightening never strikes the same place twice, right? WRONG! I have researched the likelihood of multiple strikes in the same location, and it seems that becauseContinue reading “Lightning never strikes the same place twice?”

Detour in ‘de tour’

“This is turning into an alcohol-will-cure-everything kind of day.” ― Kelly Moran, Bewitched We were all set to head to Iowa when we discovered that our ‘slide’ would not retract. You cannot drive down the road with an extended slide. It would certainly be bad for the motorhome and you would need one of those escort vehiclesContinue reading “Detour in ‘de tour’”